Late arrival

Hotel GreenStar has the original Reception where a smiling person will meet and assists you as necessary.

Our reception times are Monday to Friday from 07 AM to 8 PM, Saturdays on 08 AM to 08 PM. On Sundays from 8 AM to 1 PM and from 3 PM to 7 PM.

What if you arrive earlier or later?

Self check-in is easy, just take the following steps:

Case 1. You have already made a hotel reservation and have your confirmation letter at hand.

Step 1. Inform the hotel about your possible late arrival. Arrive to the hotel. (Attention! For after midnight arrivals, further instructions from the reception will be sent to identified contact person in advance). The main door of the hotel is always open. Find the Check-in machine next to our big Joensuu map in the entrance room.

Step 2. Open your confirmation letter (if you need Internet connection, hotel wifi name: greenstar password: greenstar).

Step 3. For late check-in you need a pin-code and reservation number from the confirmation. While using check-in machine you will be asked to enter your document (ID, passport) number to the obligatory field. Follow the instructions on check-in machine and fill in necessary fields.

Step 4. Take a key card from the right side of the check in machine and touch it to the card-coder on the left side. Wait for the sound signal. Your key card is now ready to go. You can now open entrance, corridor and your hotel room door with this card. The doors to parking garage can be opened with the same key card if you have booked a parking in advance.

Step 5. Enjoy your stay at the hotel :-)

Case 2. You do not have a hotel reservation

Step 1. Arrive to the hotel. In our warm entrance room open our website on your device (if you do not have Internet connection use our wifi at the hotel name: greenstar password: greenstar).

Step 2. Book the room. You can pay it with credit card or you can select rate “pay on arrival” and pay on the reception during working hours.

Step 3. Check your email for confirmation letter and get the PIN-code from there.

Step 4. Further you can use same steps with case 1. (Attention! For after midnight arrivals, further instructions from the reception are sent to identified contact information in advance)