Skiing holidays in Eastern Finland

Let's go to ski in Joensuu?

Joensuu is the capital of North-Karelia, locates in Eastern Finland. 600 km far to the north from Helsinki.

Joensuu region includes plenty of great ski places for cross-country as well as for mountains skiing: National park Koli (55 km from Joensuu), ski-center Mustavaara (20 km from Joensuu), municipality Kontiolahti (20 km from Joensuu), Pärnävaara Sports Centre (Ylämylly) and Lykynlampi Outdoor Centre (10 km from city center).

All places you can find on the map by copy-pasting the names.

Ski trails in the center of the city and outside of it

If you like cross-country ski, then Joensuu city will surprise you with its well-made trails. You can start your trip from city center and move around the city. Ski trails online map.

Most of trails are connected. The longest way will take more than 20 km by well-maintained trail from Utra to Kontiolahti. On the map, you can see recently renewed trails colored in blue color. In city areas, Lykynlämpi and Repokallio (Hukonhauta), are hills on cross-country trails. At this time of the year (February) you can also go to skiing on the lake and the river. Joensuu city prepared for you a set of possible short nature trails or longer 1-2 days skiing adventures by the link.

National park Koli

For those who prefer ski-centers I would suggest to go to National Park Koli. There are excellent trails and other possibility for both cross-country and mountains skiing lovers. Total length of ski trails 80 km, illuminated trail 25 km, first-snow trail 8 km, ice skiing trails 20 km, length of the season: December - April, 4 campfire spots, trail cafés, skiing instruction, real-time monitoring of trail maintenance, 4 equipment rentals.

Ukko-Koli slopes: 6 slops, the longest slope is 1500 km, elevation 230m, 3 lighted slopes, 3 artificial snow slopes, 4 lifts, ski schools, 1 ski equipment rental, 3 slope restaurants.

What else you can do in Koli? - Fishing, dogsled safaries, snowshoeing, snowmobile safaries, ATV safaries and wildlife observations.

For more information about Koli, please visit check the link.

Kontiolahti and Mustavaara ski center

Trails that are more professional are located in Kontiolahti (20 km from Joensuu). For the period December-April: Kontiolahti offers a variety of biathlon competition trails, length from 2 to 7.5 km and simpler training runs 10-20 km. (Source: It is possible to use artificially refrigerated trails, the price for one time ticket - 16 euro, one-day ticket – 20 euro.

Read more about Kontiolahti Biathlon stadium.

The ski resort Mustavaara locates in Kontiolahti. Briefly about this resort: 4 trails, the difference in height 90 m, cross-country skiing, equipment rental,max length of the trails 720 m, total length of runs 14 km, snow cannons, illuminated trails, restaurants and cafes, instructors, trails for children, snowpark.

In Mustavaara you can rent skis, skates and other winter attributes. Read more by the link.

Skis maintenance service

One company in Joensuu provides care services for skis. Their price offer listed below. It includes work process and care products used.

  • Caring for skis (classic style of riding (braking + slip)) - 15 euros
  • Purification Ski - 6 Euros
  • Applying wax - 5 euro
  • Caring for skis (skate style of riding) - 11 euros
  • Care and preparation of new skis - € 20
  • Services are available during 31.12.2016 - 26.02.2017 on weekends.

More information about the company.

Accommodation in the city of Joensuu

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Have a great time in Joensuu!


Weather forecast for 19.2-29.2.2017 Joensuu


The weather conditions in Joensuu region for the following 10 days cannot be better for cross-country and downhill skiing. Snowfall only makes better view around. Snow is white and clean. Ski trails are renewed every day. You can check the conditions of exact ski trail in online system (every place has own link).