Terms & Conditions



The customer has the right to cancel the reservation up until 24 hours before arrival date. Cancellation rights exclude events such as Ilosaarirock when reservations are non-cancellable and non-refundable. Changes in accommodation dates are considered a cancellation unless otherwise agreed in writing.

When canceling a reservation at Hotel Green Star the customer receives a gift card for the value of the payment made to the canceled reservation. The gift card is valid for one (1) year from the date of cancellation. If the customer wants a refund to be paid to his/her bank account or credit card instead of a gift card booking and office expenses will be deducted from the refund (up to 10% of the total price). Refund terms do not apply to reservations made through a group booking. In group bookings the client must make all changes in writing to seller's customer service.
Uncanceled reservations and reservations canceled later than 24 hours prior to arrival date will be charged full price (no refunds).

Group Reservations

Group bookings made by a seller (on customer’s behalf) are subject to the following cancellation terms, unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing:
- In group reservations cancellations or changes must be made no later than 21 days prior to the arrival date.
- If cancellation is made 20 to 4 days prior to the arrival date the hotel will charge 30% of full room price(s).
- If cancellation is made less than 4 days prior to the arrival date charge will be 40% of full room price(s).
Changes in accommodation dates are considered a cancellation unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Changes in Reservations

The customer has the right to move the date of the visit at no extra charge until 24 hours before arrival date (arrival time is 15.00 at the arrival date. Vendor reserves the right to a later release of room[s] within reasonable time if the room[s] is not ready.). The rights mentioned above do not apply to group bookings made on customer’s behalf by a seller (see section “Group Reservation").
Booking can not be transferred later than one (1) day before the arrival date but additional days can still be reserved from customer service (if hotel has free capacity). A reservation that has already been transferred once can not be canceled but the date can be moved a second time at no additional cost. This however must be done no later than 24 hours before arrival date.
The customer is required to make cancellations and changes during customer service opening hours by phone +358 10 423 9390 or e-mail The seller is not responsible for any delays in cancellation or change notifications that are due to client or third party reasons.


A contract between the seller and the customer is binding when

(1) the customer has made a payment at the time of booking, or
(2) the customer has received a vendor confirmation of the reservation by e-mail.

If billing is selected as the method of payment (only for groups and corporate contract customers) no fee is charged at the time of booking. A binding contract is confirmed when

(1) the customer has received a vendor confirmation and an invoice and
(2) the customer has paid the invoice no later than the due date.

Customer contract is binding however already when the customer has received confirmation for the reservation (after which point Cancellation Terms mentioned in conditions will be effective).

Customer makes reservations online at or at reception. If the seller makes the reservation on customer's request the reservation is subject to an additional billing charge according to current price list. When making a booking customer agrees to give the correct number of guests and nights to the booking reservation system as well as valid contact information for a contact person. If this information is not provided when making the reservation the missing information must be provided at the reception or at the check-in machine by arrival.

In group bookings the contact person is responsible for providing the hotel in writing the following information no later than 1 day before arrival date: names, social security numbers and nationalities of all guests.

All hotel guests are obliged to fill the passenger arrival cards at the arrival. The cards can be filled at the reception or by using the check-in machine. If a person stays at the hotel but has not filled the passenger arrival card he/she is obliged to fulfil and return the card to the reception as soon as possible and before the end of the stay.

Key cards can only be given to a person(s) who are staying in the same room. The maximum number of guests in one room is 3 people with the exception of families of five with small children (the youngest of whom is under 6 years old). Only registered guests are permitted to reside at the hotel.

The check-out time at GreenStar Hotels is 12:00 at noon on the day of departure. Key cards will not function after this. Key cards must be returned to the check-in machine or at the reception. The hotel will charge a fee of 5 € for any key cards left unreturned or broken.

The hotel is not responsible for any belongs left in the rooms or common areas at the hotel. The customer is responsible for locking the hotel room door when leaving the room.

Age Limits

The person making a reservation must be over 18 years of age. Minors are allowed to stay at GreenStar Hotels with at least one responsible adult. Friday and Saturday evenings and during public holidays every room must have at least one resident over the age of 22.