• One room - One price

Welcome to GreenStar Hotels!


Did you know that in our hotels you can register yourself via check-in machine if you arrive during the time of the reception non-working hours? You can check-in to the hotel and get the keys to your room, or get a new key if the other one was lost.

Welcome to GreenStar Hotels!


Hotel GreenStar® is a popular hotel concept that's both affordable and environmentally friendly. The savings in energy consumption save your money too!

GreenStar's basic product is a 2+1 person hotel room. Room price - starting from 62 per night only - is the same regardless of how many guests stay in the room. Breakfast and parking can be bought separately. The outcome: lower price without compromising living comfort.

Using the hotel is easy and effortless. Reservations can be made online or with our staff and check-in can be done at our reception or via automated check-in machine.

25%Less electricity
50%Less water
22%Cheaper on average
95%Recommends us

How we are Green

Being environmentally friendly for us is an attitude that lasts from the very beginning of the planning of hotel concept through the life span of the building & operation. Most of the work done is under the surface: hundreds of details in the room, ease of maintenance, building controls aiming to preservation of natural resources, layout optimisation and durable materials are only few examples.

  • Water saving bathrooms designed for GreenStar
  • Durable & energy efficient building
  • Nordic Ecolabel 4055 0012 hotels & lodges, GreenLeader
  • Partners with Unesco Mab, ENO Online & Botania

What our partners say about us

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