GreenStar Hotel Joensuu

Reception opening hours:

MonFr 07:0020:00
Sat 08:0020:00
Sun 08:0013:00 and 15:0019:00

GreenStar Hotel Jyväskylä

Reception opening hours:

MonSat 08:0021:00
Sun 08:0020:00

GreenStar Hotel Lahti

Reception opening hours:

Mon-Thu 8.00-22.00,
Fri-Sat 8.00-00.00,
Sun 8.00-20.00.

GreenStar Hotel Vaasa

Reception opening hours:

MonFri 07:0020:00
Sat 08:0020:00
Sun 08:0013:00 and 15:0019:00

Sirpa Läntinen

+358 50 468 4658 tai

Mikko Heinonen

+358405659149 tai

GreenMeeting (Lahti)

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    If you need help...

    • If you need help with making the reservation, you can always contact the reception of every hotel directly.
    • If you encounter a problem when making the reservation or payment or when checking-in and the reception is closed, please call our 24/7 customer service +358 10 423 9392.
    • If you have any questions regarding the operations of our hotels, you can contact our COO Harri Nevalainen, harri.nevalainen @
    • If you have questions regarding the GreenStar Hotels chain, you can contact Kristian Ikonen at