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Sports teams and groups
The next tournament ahead? Head to the comfiest shared accommodation in the city.


Work travellers and commuters
Find the ease of hotel nights on your work trip. With us, you can also travel on budget.


Long-term visitors
Enjoy your stay with time. At GreenStar you can also lodge longer periods of time.

Sustainable accommodation is always a good idea

At GreenStar we monitor, reduce, and offset our greenhouse gas emissions.
Protecting the climate and the environment isn’t just a passing trend, but rather a growing part of all areas of society. There is increasing internal pressure within companies to up their sustainability efforts. As for the world outside, the growing trend has started to guide consumer decisions and is becoming one of the key buying criteria even on the B2B side of business.

A partnership with GreenStar can offer a genuine and efficient contribution to your sustainability strategy: by choosing to stay at our hotels, you also choose our sustainable values and practices. Environmental friendliness is the foundation of our business model and within our industry we are considered the forerunners in Finland.

Find more information about GreenStar’s environmental friendliness and carbon neutrality:

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Mornings that really work

When you travel frequently, you need to find accommodation for a longer period or need to find a place to stay for a group of people, you want everything to go smoothly and with ease. The cost of traveling also plays a role when making decisions.

Reasons why GreenStar is a smart choice for companies and groups:

  • All our hotels are situated close to the city centers, the local railway stations and other transport links, so getting to our hotels is always quick and simple
  • Our rooms come with great features: they are silent, clean, modern and equipped with high-quality beds. Yet, with us you can always accommodate budget-friendly
  • Making a reservation is easy – just use the booking code given to your organization

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