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We are proud to present Restaurant Silmu at GreenStar Hotel Lahti – a green restaurant embracing the GreenStar ethos. Our menu offers delicious food made from local, organic ingredients and using seasonal vegetables.

Mon–Fri 06:30–09:30
Sat 07:00–10:00
Sun 08:00–11:00

À la carte:
Mon–Sat 18:00–22:00

A la carte lista

Salmon (L) 5,00 €
Finnish gravad rainbow trout seasoned with gin, toasted rye bread and egg butter

Duck breast (L, G) 7,50 €
French duck breast seasoned with sugar and salt, beet pure, Riesling jelly and caramelized apple

Beet soup (L, G) 5,00 € / 7,50 €
Beet soup and blue cheese mousse of Peltolan Blue and pine nuts

House vegetable salad (L, G) 5,00 € / 7,00 €
Mix of salads, tomato, cucumber, pickled vegetables and marinated red onion with pico de gallo

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Finnish chicken breast (L, G) 8,00 €
Finnish gravad rainbow trout (L, G) 6,00 €
Finnish broiled rainbow trout (L, G) 9,00 €
Goat’s cheese (L, G) 6,00 €
French duck breast (L, G) 8,00 €

Pork’s cheeks (L, G) 17,00 €
Slowly cooked Finnish pork’s cheeks, musk pumpkin pure, gravy, caramelized apple, peas and carrots

Broiled rainbow trout (L, G) 20,00 €
Broiled Finnish rainbow trout with lobster sauce, potato pure with butter and peas and carrots

Breast of chicken (L, G) 18,00 €
Finnish breast of chicken with mushroom risotto and peas and carrots

Beet and goat’s cheese (L) 17,00 €
Beets and bulgur seasoned with saffron, beet balsamico, caramelized nuts and goat’s cheese

Burger (L) 16,00 €
Grilled Finnish Black Angus hamburger glased with bbq sauce, brioche bun and cheddar, French fries served with house bbq aioli

Vegetarian burger (vegan) 16,00 €
Beyond Burger patty, vegan cheese and chimichurri sauce, lettuce, tomato and pickled vegetables and Frech fries served with vegan mayonnaice

Chicken Burger (L) 16,00 €
Finnish grilled chicken breast with balsamico syrup and chimichurri sauce, marinated red onions, brioche bun and French fries served with house bbq aioli

Small wieners and French frieswith cucumber and carrots (L, G) 5,00 €

Grilled Finnish rainbow trout and mashed potatoeswith cucumber and carrots (L, G) 7,50 €

Slowly cooked Finnish pork’s cheek with mashed potatoesand peas (L, G) 7,50 €

Chocolate cake (L, G) 7,50 €
Chocolate cake with nuts, vanilla ice cream, cranberries and salted caramel sauce

Creme Brulee (L, G) 7,50 €
Creme brulee seasoned with a spruce conifer

Buckthorn posset (L, G) 7,50 €
Buckthorn posset with lime yoghurt foam

A scoop of ice cream 2,00 €
Old times vanilla ice cream (VL, G)
Old times chocolate ice cream (VL, G)
Vanilla ice cream (L, G)
Chocolate ice cream (L, G)
Sorbet (M, G)

Sauce 0,50 €
Chocolate sauce
Salted caramel sauce
Liquorice sauce

Questions and orders: